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Of Commandments, “Rules,” and Obedience

One of the things that I and my LDS friends have been criticized (or just looked at funny) for is how “strict” our church is. I guess people think we have a lot of “rules.” In a way, they might be right about that. “Rules” really isn’t the best word for it though. Even the word “commandments” can make some people a little uneasy. When I hear it though, I have learned to think of it as a guide line. Basically God’s commandments say, “if you do this, you will be happy and you will become a better person. If not, you miss out on both of those.” Like someone just told me, “It is impossible to break the commandments. You can only break yourself against them.” I want to explain what this means and tell you why I do the things that I do; call them rules, commandments, or whatever they are. Read the rest of this entry »

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