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On Patriotism and America

It’s been a while since I’ve spewed out some thoughts on here. I’ve been randomly pondering patriotism a lot recently and I’ve wanted to write a blog about it. I thought I’d wait until all of the artificial 4th of July “patriotism” passed over. Veterans day, ironically, is much less glorified but it has more direct significance in my life. So this one is for Grandpa Hyde, Dad, and my big bro Jared who have given part of their lives to serve this nation.

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A Helper I Can’t Live Without

From the title of this and if you know me, you may be thinking my wife is the strength and help I am referring to. However, here I’m referring to the one who led me to my wife and many other things.

There are a whole ton of decisions that face us in life. It can be a pretty big deal or just a small day-to-day thing. Having just recently made probably the hugest decision I ever will (getting married), I’ve been thinking about how good it feels to be confident in many decisions I make. I’m learning more and more how each one, great or small, has shaped my life -for good or for bad- and will continue to do so. Read the rest of this entry »

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