More than Grades

I’ve never cared much for grades. Regardless, I’ve somehow made it to college and I am preparing to enter the workforce. It isn’t memorizing facts and answering questions that got me here though. It is the love I have developed over a long time for gaining knowledge.

Case Study #1: A couple of weeks ago I got back from a BYU-Idaho school tour with the dance company. We ended up missing the first week of class. I wanted to make sure I could hit the ground running when I returned so I emailed all of my teachers before I left and asked them to fill me in on whatever I would be missing. I didn’t think about it much then, but it appears that they understood me (reasonably so) as, “What assignments will I need to do?” Read the rest of this entry »

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A New Way to Look at Adoption

Here’s an english paper I just recently finished. I couldn’t stop reading about it once I started.

After participating in a series of emails and phone conversations with my sister, I am a changed man. My sister Tamra, who placed her son for adoption fifteen years ago, has recently been presented with an unexpected inner struggle. Five years after her son Justin was born, all correspondence (regulated by the adoption agency) with his family was dropped as the agency policies stated. Years later, Tamra discovered that she had been misinformed and the policy had been changed a year before the adoption took place. Though she had been grateful for the first few years that she could celebrate with the adoptive family, she became distraught. She felt as though an important relationship had been stolen from her. Read the rest of this entry »

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What is reality?

This is inspired by some previous conversations that have recently come to pass and some thoughts on what the world calls “reality.” I think it’s pretty obvious that “reality” TV is clearly nothing close to reality. But the question of what reality is goes farther than that. Often I have heard people of my faith as well as others refer to life in the outside world (or outside of the gospel of Jesus Christ) as “the real world.” 

I fell into this when I was serving my 2 year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. As many know, there are what some might call a lot of “restrictions” to LDS missionaries. Our communication to loved ones is limited to emails and letters for the most part and we sacrifice a lot of what we might participate in otherwise (music, movies, etc…). I would refer to my life before going to San Francisco as “back in the real world” and I would sometimes anxiously anticipate my return “back into the real world.” Read the rest of this entry »

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A window to His Love

What I learned on a two year mission for my church to San Francisco

I want to be a window to His love,
so when you look at me you will see Him.
I want to be so pure and clear that you won’t even know I’m here,
’cause His love will shine brightly through me.

I want to be a doorway to the truth,
so when you walk beyond you will find Him.
I want to stand so straight and tall, that you won’t notice me at all.
But through my open door He will be seen.

A window to His love.
A doorway to the truth.
A bearer of the message He’d have me bring to you
And with each passing day
I want to fade away.
‘Till only He can be seen And I become a window to His love. Read the rest of this entry »

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