Where’d all the good music go?

28 May

I have been really sad about my current car situation for many reasons. One of the biggest annoyances is not the lack of heat and A/C but the lack of a functional radio. One of the first things people should know about me is my love for music. It is one of my biggest passions.

So here I am taking a five-hour car trip and I’m really wishing I had brought some CD’s with me. Do people actually listen to the radio anymore? If I had nickel for every time someone referred to sex in their song, I’d be rich. Maybe that’s the problem. Somehow every time someone sings about some sort of promiscuity, there are another thousand bucks in their pocket.

Have we lost all sense of creativity that we can’t think of anything better to sing about? They don’t even beat around the bush anymore or try to find creative innuendos that I don’t understand. Like the song I just heard: (cover your eyes) “Sex in the air, I don’t care, I like the smell of it. Sticks and stones can break my bones, but chains and whips excite me.” Are you serious? Thanks for that Rihanna. I hope that just made everyone cringe a little. Unfortunately, it doesn’t.

It’s sad that the world has taken two very powerful things –music and sex- and trampled them under its lustful foot of fleeting pleasure. First off; music. I’m not saying you always have to sing about Jesus and stuff. Although God has touched my life through music more than any other way, there are other positive ways to use music. The band Switchfoot is one of my favorites. They are apparently a Christian band. But they don’t have to sing all of the glory, glory, halleluiah stuff. They sing about living life right. They sing about doing good to every other human being. Their music is just plain fun. And they rock at it. Electric guitars or a good beat aren’t of the devil either. Just use those amazing talents to uplift and encourage. Now those are themes that can generate plenty of music for decades without being used up or getting old.

The second, I’m not going to speak on too much. Not because I think it should be “hush-hush” or a “no-no”, but it should be respected and kept sacred. Anyone who has even a slightly functional marital relationship should know that sex is nothing like movies or songs depict. (I don’t know why they name these movies with love in the title. You know that’s not real love right?) What the media shows fills people with completely false expectations. I never realized it until I was actually married myself. It’s so much more than the filth that is portrayed on the screen and on the air. Not to mention, procreation is not only a power that comes with huge responsibility, it’s a God given gift to feel as He feels and love as He loves and to create life just as he has. My point is not that listening to songs about sex is going to make you fornicate. My point is that it should be referenced and taught with more respect and even awe.

I dread the day I get a new car with a functional radio and will be tempted to fish through the sleaze for something good. But I haven’t lost faith yet thanks to a select few who understand the powerful positive influence that music can be. Hopefully someone out there will keep me listening.

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One response to “Where’d all the good music go?

  1. Jared Anderson

    May 29, 2011 at 10:30 AM

    Well said, Jess. I totally agree. This is why you also get a ca with an auxiliary cable so you can connect your iPod. Then you can control everything that plays. 🙂 But really, the world is losing (or has completely lost) its ability to recognize sacred things. The best thing we can do is to “be . . . an example of the believers” and reach out to those that “know not the truth because they know not where to find it.” Thanks for accomplishing both of those things. If nothing else, you’ve shown me the light. An eternity of thanks be to you, my dear friend. Keep your light bright on the hill.


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