A Helper I Can’t Live Without

18 May

From the title of this and if you know me, you may be thinking my wife is the strength and help I am referring to. However, here I’m referring to the one who led me to my wife and many other things.

There are a whole ton of decisions that face us in life. It can be a pretty big deal or just a small day-to-day thing. Having just recently made probably the hugest decision I ever will (getting married), I’ve been thinking about how good it feels to be confident in many decisions I make. I’m learning more and more how each one, great or small, has shaped my life -for good or for bad- and will continue to do so.

Does everyone feel as confident about the choice they made in choosing which school to go to, which major to select, which career to choose, and who to marry (etc…)?  I can’t say I know if people do or don’t. But I do know how I feel and why. Simply put, I have the best helper in the world: The Holy Ghost (Holy Spirit, The Spirit of the Lord- in case my word selection is more just Mormon lingo).

Some may say, “A ghost helps you out?” Well, He is a part of the Godhead (or “trinity” to some) who is sent by God (Heavenly Father) to touch and sometimes speak to the heart and mind of man. Each time you pray, go to church, read scripture, or really just do anything good at all, He is the source of the great uplifting feelings you feel. Go ahead, try it if you don’t believe me.

Well, let me tell you how He helps me with all of the things I was talking about. I’ll use the example (one of many) of my recent wedding. Marriage is a pretty big deal. You’re in it for time and eternity if it’s done right. Though others’ actions appear to disagree, divorce doesn’t sound like a very fun thing to have to go through. That’s a whole different subject.

So how in the world am I supposed to know and be confident with who I am supposed to marry for the rest of ever? Sometimes I wished the Holy Ghost would just smack me in the head and say, “Hey she’s the one! Go for it!” God’s plan is a lot cooler than that though. His whole desire for us is to learn and grow by facing challenges, making choices, and dealing with consequences. But he hasn’t left us without a guide. So I just had to do my own pondering, praying, and take some action. When we do those things with faith, then the Lord is able to say, “Good idea, keep at it” or “Bad idea, new plan.” Well, I went on praying and thinking and getting to know my girlfriend (at the time). I’m not going to say I was never afraid or confused, but I never once felt The Spirit telling me it was a bad idea. Fear and confusion don’t come from God anyway. After slaving away in my mind and weighing the pros and cons for quite some time, I was feeling pretty “good” (for lack of a better word).

I made up my mind that I loved Rachel and I was ready to spend eternity growing with her. Once I did that, miracle after miracle and tender mercy after tender mercy was poured out on me. The Lord was telling me, “Good choice!” All along, Rachel was just waiting for me to get a clue. She had already figured things out and received her answer.

It’s a good thing we both received very special and personal answers, too (it’s a good story, ask me if you have the chance). It seems whenever you finally do get an answer, the opposition comes rolling in. It sure did for us. We were tried and tried again. Each time, barely making it through, but knowing even more than we did before that it was absolutely right.

Anyway, it’s been a great start to our marriage. We face a decision, we pray, ponder, discuss, make a choice, pray some more and then listen to what the Spirit says and do it. Right now, I know I am where I am supposed to be and I am with who I am supposed to be with. I know where to turn for direction, help, and comfort. My life is great thanks to a loving God who answers when I go to him.

And that is just one story…

P.S. If you didn’t understand something, let me know. I’m still new to this blogging thing.

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