What is reality?

04 May

This is inspired by some previous conversations that have recently come to pass and some thoughts on what the world calls “reality.” I think it’s pretty obvious that “reality” TV is clearly nothing close to reality. But the question of what reality is goes farther than that. Often I have heard people of my faith as well as others refer to life in the outside world (or outside of the gospel of Jesus Christ) as “the real world.” 

I fell into this when I was serving my 2 year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. As many know, there are what some might call a lot of “restrictions” to LDS missionaries. Our communication to loved ones is limited to emails and letters for the most part and we sacrifice a lot of what we might participate in otherwise (music, movies, etc…). I would refer to my life before going to San Francisco as “back in the real world” and I would sometimes anxiously anticipate my return “back into the real world.”

Having said that, I want it to be known to everyone that I have never felt closer to God and I have never been so constantly filled with His Spirit as I was those 2 years in SF. I strive daily to return to that state. I pray now that I can feel and understand the reality of God’s existence and His Son’s life more in my life. THAT is reality. God REALLY is there. He REALLY has a plan of happiness for us, his children. His Son REALLY lives.

What “reality” does this world have to offer? I have seen movies (or parts of them) that disgust me with their sick themes and loose standards. I am told, “it’s just depicting real life.” Bologna. If that’s real life, then I don’t want it. “Real life” doesn’t have to be full of drugs, alcohol, and immorality in its different forms. “Real life” doesn’t consist of lust, premarital sex, getting waisted or high, lost memories, instant gratification, and violence. Sure those things really happen, but it is a fake life. None of it lasts. It’s a WASTE of life, not REAL life.

Life doesn’t have to be that way. There REALLY is a path to lasting happiness. Whether you agree with my faith or not, just believe that there is a God out there that loves us and is so ready and willing to show us reality. Reality is in service. Reality is in prayer. Reality is in contributing to society. I have never felt so ALIVE as I did serving God and my Californian brothers and sisters those 2 years. Sure, real life is hard in the moment, but it sure does make things a lot easier in the future. Real life isn’t meant to be confusing, the real answers are out there. They start with God.

I’m so grateful that God continues to open my eyes to what reality is. Ultimately, reality is Heaven. And God is leading us ALL there. May we open our eyes to see it around us.

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